Peerless by Tymphany STW-350F- 15" Driver

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Any good for a PA sub?

Looking at the stats they look perhaps more suitable for ridiculous home subs with bragging rights: Work in a small enclosure, will handle 3500 watts rms and go down to 10hz.
But, they have a relatively low efficiency of 89db so will the output actually be any more than my faital pro subs which are 1000rms but 97db
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if the sensitivity is 89dB 3500W (discounting losses) only gets you to 124dB. For your faital pro example you get 127dB with 1000W. If you had unlimited power, drivers and budget for amps with the only constraint the physical volume of the system the STW-350F could be competitive (as the box size required is small). However in the real world power is always limited and so it is not a practical solution.
Looks like a very-low-frequency monster, with plenty of mechanical and thermal power handling, but lack of sensitivity will mean your Faital Pro drivers will be capable of more output, particularly >50Hz, where excursion is less important.

FWIW, I put one of those Faital subs on one side of the MA12000i, and it went up to the clip lights with no audible problems.

I think you've misread my post. The MA12000i was powering one of Damo's Faital Pro subs - we've built a few of the same each.

The output from a single 15" was quite impressive, actually.
The Peerless driver, as you've noted, wouldn't make nearly as much sound per watt.

I too have seen the clip light coming on (1.5db below real clip according to the docs) when driving a single sub from the Ecler bridged (1880w rms into 8ohm). At that stage though the kick drums are sounding a bit nasty and the low end becomes heavily compressed which I assume because the driver is hitting xmax : techno kick drums, so very brutal with a lot of deep sub.
Agreed the faital 15s will not go anywhere near as low, but for reproduction of most dance music I'm not sure its entirely necessary. The faital subs are pretty flat to 40hz and still putting out reasonable bass as low as 32.7hz.

I'm sure those peerless drivers are wonderful in the right application but a loud PA may not be it.
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