Peerless 850488 - had anyone measure them?


2009-01-21 10:56 pm
Hello guys
I have this pair of speakers for a lot of time, and i am planing to use them in my next project soon...
I didn't find any measurement nowhere on the net...
Ok, i saw the linkwitz measurement, but I think that isn't enough to know how this driver perform, so thas enyone have some diferent measurements, harmonic distorsion for example?

I read about this driver on this site, i saw that everyone who have this driver is happy and satisfied, so i am glad to read that :up:

Thanks all :worship:
Hi bobica, I have a pair of these, very happy with them, they're in my ' No 1' system.
I haven't measured them yet, bought them several years ago when I didn't have measurement capability and just used the manufacturers specs to calculate crossover values, but recently have been thinking of testing them with ARTA and re-jigging the xovers to see if I can do better. Give me a couple of days and I'll see if I can do it, (got a busy weekend coming up)... (Can't measure distortion, but at volume they sound much cleaner than any other drivers I have)


2009-01-21 10:56 pm
Thanks for reply Pete!
Yes, it is a good sounding driver, I will mach it with xt25, probably beyond 2500-3000hz, i shall see the final xo point when i measure them and when I decide the final distance between them (box size is one of the problems to)
But I wanted to see harm sweeps before even start "xo-wing" in order to have a cleaner picture of what to expect :)
On the other side i have no idea how will I carrried out this measurements, it will be a comic results, I guess

Yes, put the pictures right here if you do something, I willl be glad to see them, thanks :nod::up:
OK, I measured each driver 3 times, here's the average TSP (They were pretty close each time, except for Vas which I found hard to get consistent, but that seems to average just below the published figure of 7.6L)
Re - 5.2; Fs - 54Hz; Qe - .35; Qm - 2.73; Vas 7.2

Impedance curve attached


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