peerless 850488 as midrange

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wondering if this driver peerless 850488 will play well at 100 hz,
I'am planning on using it with a side-firing HI-VI F-12 and putting it in its own cabinet atop the F-12. I've read that it might have problems at 100hz ? and what about crossing it at 3000 khz ?
been told 2700 khz ? I was hoping to use it with the silver flute
ribbon in a mtm w/ side-fire woofer or maybe seas 27tffc. Well
thats the plan anyway maybe 5th element or others with more
experiance with these drivers could comment.
thanks in advance
I didnt know I had such a reputation round here lol.

The one problem with living in the UK is we have less drivers availble to us, therefore we cannot easily get the hivi or silver flute drive units. I have used the 6.5" HDS and have nothing but praise for this driver, indeed anyone who uses any of the HDS series always comments on how good they sound for the price. The 488 should work great as a mid and also have no problems reaching down to 100hz.

The YAG- 20 looks like it could be quite difficult to work with due to the falling response. I know this would be quite easy to solve if you have measuring equipment but if you dont then I wouldnt recommend it. I dont know what cheap ribbons are like either.

The 27TFFC or 27TDFC are reputed to be excellent tweeters, again as with the peerless, I dont think anyone has any major complaints about them. I have not used a seas tweeter yet but im sure I wont be dissapointed when I do.

The hivi has one BIG bonus that its a sensative beast of 93dB, this is good news. After baffle step has occured the driver will be down to 87dB which meets the 488 perfectly for around 4-5dB of bafflestep compensation, this should be near perfectly flat in room.
What you want to do is compensate for 4-5dB of bafflestep loss in the midranges highpass, again not a hard thing to do but gets complicated without any equipment.

The 488 will work fine up to 3000hz.

Edit! - I just realised (its late here) that you said MTM, this is not necessary, unless you want sensativity matching issues, or you want to use another hivi.
The 850488 is a fantastic driver but is about to be replaced so grab it while you can.

The SEAS 27TFFC is great as well and used it in a floorstander with some Peerless CSX mid woofers.

Both are freaks of nature and you wouldn't be disappointed for the price.
Sorry I didnt reply earlier my PC went nuts!! any way thanks for
the replies. 5th if i understood you I should keep it only one per
side and dump the ribbon ? I've heard great things about the seas tweeter and will stick with that! also I know about peerless
i wanted to do more stuff with the hds & csx i'm bummed. The main reason i wanted the ribbon with the 2 850488 was because
they would have looked cool between the flat edges of the hds.

Anyway what cross would be best suited to run this 3-way?
thanx again 5th & rabbit
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.