peerless 850122

Hello to all ,
I was able to purchase 4(used) of the 850122's on e-bay last week for 14.00 ea.:D I know this is an older discountinued driver and when looking at older posts the links were gone. but I was able to pull enough information that I want to set these up in a bipole configuation. a much favored application of planet 10 and that rabbitz had done the same thing to his peerless drivers. and if I understand everything correctly the front can be a 2nd order LR and the rear a 1st order rolling off at about 600hz or 500hz or let it run off with front and adjust if needed. this will eliminate the need for a BSC and give me more bottom end but not lower end. Is this correct ? also I have a few Q's :
1) is the vas doubled or same or less
2) the vas is 40L in the peerless specs with an f3 of 40 hz. ;) yet win isd suggests 2.4 ft with f 3 of 35.6 :eek: the later just sings distortion so I"d like to get the most bottom end 40 hz is fine unless it to is distorted also
3) are the wired in series or parallel
thank you in advance for helping me with this