Pedal to USB


I'm a computer programmer (mainly multimedia), and I've dabbled in analog electronics (I've built a couple of valve guitar amps and distortion pedals as well as other music gear). I'm also a guitarist.

I'd like to build a distortion "pedal/interface" that I can use for recording. More specifically, I'd like to add a USB port to the pedal/interface.

I think I'm OK with the pedal and the computer aspects of the project but
I haven't done much in the way of digital electronics - how difficult would this be to do?

I was thinking of doing something like running a runoffgroove amp simulator (Thor?) into their Condor cabinet simulator and then into a TI PCM2906B and finally into the computer via either the SPDIF input or the USB port.

Would this be (a) easy, (b) hard, or (c) forget it?

Any suggestions?




2010-04-24 1:52 am
That TI chip looks like it would work, but you would need USB drivers on the PC side, bla bla bla.

But it appears to do the same thing as any off-the-shelf USB audio recording interface that includes drivers and probably even recording software (and if not, Audacity works). Is there something special you want to do with the signal once it's in the computer? It's possible to do some real-time (or near-real-time with all the buffering and stuff) processing on audio by writing VST plug-ins.

That way you can concentrate more on whatever audio processing code you want to do, and less on system stuff that's already been done.