Peavey 18" Black Widow (1801-8) suited for horn?


2016-01-18 11:15 am

I have 2 of these 18" drivers, and looking to get the most out of them, within a reasonable cabinet size.


Will this driver at all function in an offset horn construction, or will a traditional BR cabinet be the best. Looking for response down to 35-40hz

Hmm, as a general rule-of-thumb, a horn has to be at least as large as a T/S max flat alignment with a vent area [Av] = at least as large as the horn's throat, so with a high Vas, Qts; ~24 ft^3 net for this driver, so at ~400 L it's probably going to roll off in the mid 50s same as a ~0.7 Qtc sealed alignment.

Note that if yours are as far out of spec as some other Peavy's measured specs, then it ideally needs to be a lot larger. Currently don't have any horn programs loaded, so can't be more specific for awhile yet.



2011-01-20 11:19 pm
According to this document (, Peavey's 1801-8 drivers were used mainly in their SP-series front-loaded cabs. So I'm not sure how well they would work in any horn. I run Peavey's SP-FH cabs that are loaded with a slightly different version of Black Widow Low Rider. They work well, although not long enough to be a true "folded horn", they sure make a notable low end and sound good with the correct processing. Very similar in design to the picture in the first post. Eighteens are generally considered not the best for horns. But they could be made to work fine with the right enclosure that could have advantages over front loading.