pearl phono

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i am thinking that the pearl is only for mm or high output mc systems.the amplification is only 40 dB .i want to build in an additional stage like in the pass xono amp.but here are the caps c 37 and c 19 high caps 220 u and they are in the line.

Any comments for recommendations would be welcome

best regards

if you need more gain and if you are already think about adding a extra gainstage from the Xono i would recommend to clone the Xono completely. Due to the RIAA-network in the feedbackloop of the Xono you will save 20db of total gain which may be an advantage. Otherwise you would need a gain of 80db at 20Hz which is quite a lot for a simple circuit. If you don´t like the pushpull output stage i think one can try a single ended one in pearlstyle.

Or just use the pearl and a stepup-transfomer for the MC-stage. Expansive but easy. And there are a lot of people who really like transformers.

Hi Joe,
thanks for your answer.I need about 66- 70 db gain and i have simulated this circuit with 2SK 369 Fet's and a third Stage after the parallel fet's.I got too much gain.So i put in a feedbackloop like in the Xono , but here feeds a big cap the signal. The cap is also shunted by a small one ,but i think the best cap is not a electrolitic one.
My simulation programm is a student version and here are only 2SK 369 simulated.Perhaps the problem is no ones , when i build the circuit with the original 2 SK 170, which have less gain.
The Pearl circuit is charming for me , because i need only a few parts.
I see you live also in Germany and i appreciated mailing me private.


I have not started them yet, but will gladly e-mail them to you when I do.

Right now I am focusing on specifiying and ordering all the parts.

I am using various different sizes of resistors and capacitors which will doubtfully be in the average parts library so I will need to be able to perform measurements on these parts so I can make my own entries in the schematic library.

I'm using Protel..


Aaron Finley
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.