Pearl Phono up and running (pics)

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Thanks to promithius for the great pcbs!
The casework is aluminum and mdf (internally shielded with copper foil from The faceplate is Indian rosewood and the mdf case is spray enamel black.

I'm running my Pearl with a Music Hall MMF-5 with the 47K loading resistor, Rogue Magnum 66 line stage and Audio Research D-125 tube amp. It sounds great. I've had a Grado as well as a Clearaudio Basic phono stages come through my system recently. They were both a little better than my Hagerman Bugle (with battery) and were quite a bit better than the Bugle (when used with the regulated power supply). I won't go into to much detail, but the Pearl is quite good!



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Yeah, It feels really good to finish something! The rosewood is actually much darker and a little more lusturous than it appears. I sanded/scraped and then polished the rosewood and thenapplied a paste wax finish. Nothing really fancy. I'll probably rebuild the cases at some future date. They were scraps from another project.... The mdf works well but I still need to line the case with the copper foil. It hasn't arrived yet. :(

The reason the pics are from a difficult angle is mostly due to my amp. I really wanted to start listening so, after testing, I got my new pre into my system. My rack is wedged inbetween my fireplace and my lp rack (read: Ikea table). This wouldn't be so bad if it wern't behind my 85lb tube amp. If I move that amp more than once a month it it too many times!


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Yes, I spent most of Monday night listening. It sounds great! I’ve been really busy with work and I haven’t listened since then. I think that this pre needs some serious break-in. Tomorrow I should have some more time to really listen. My biggest initial disappointment is that I’ve now discovered all the shortcomings of my turntable! Now I need to build a crazy DIY turntable to match!

Thanks again for all your work on the PCB group buy!

I have a friend who works at a pretty cool machine shop. He said that they could build me something cool! My biggest concern is the bearing. This requires some seriously fine work and to me it is one of the most important parts of a tt.

While I want to start this project now, in reality it will be awhile. I will definetly keep you posted on my progress!

that bearing is ridiculous! im looking at CNC conversion for my milling machine, and the tolerances for that stuff is a lot higher, and bearings arent anywhere NEAR that much. high-quality precision NSK thrust bearings can be had for $50 - $100, or $20 if you check ebay.

i was playing with one today at a surplus shop. feels like you are spinning on air, its just SO smooth. and the price was $20. you could plop a TT platter on it and man, that would be a NICE table. and this is used for motion control for large CNC machines with tolerances in the 0.000x range.
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