Pearl Phono Stage Parts

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Pearl Phono Stage

Hi LowWatts,

I stay in Malaysia and the 2SK107 is readily available over here at about USD2.50 per piece. If you're really unable to get them, perhaps I can help you out. Postage to you by normal airmail if you live in the US for a few pieces would be probably around US$3 to $5/- max. Let me know if you need them.

FETs for Pearl Phono & 2SK369 ?

Both types of FETs for Pearl Phono are available mail order in Europe from Erno Borbely:
His price for a 2SK170BL is EUR 2.00 and for 2SK389 (BL or V)is EUR 3.20.

I would like to find out myself where I could get by international mail order a smaller quantity (20 to 50 pcs., depending on the price...) of the Toshiba FET type 2SK369 (BL preferably). Anyone knows of a source of these?

I have also ordered Pearl Phono PCBs and will try this phono preamp. I am curious how well it will perform as I have so far built Zen and Bride of Zen (a few years ago) and they perform really well (I used good parts...).
I buy Japanese transistors from either MCM Electronics ( or Consolidated Electronics ( I did a fast search of these sites and both companies carry 2SK170, 2SK389, and 2SK369. Consolidated is cheaper than MCM.

The problem is that you usually don't know what Idss series you'll get. I might buy a couple and if they are the right grade, I'll order more.


Thanks for the responses. I am looking for US distributors though. Also-I can't see a source for the "BL" spec. of 2sk170. The 170 is there but not 2sk170bl. Must be a hard spec. to stock.
Question: What is an Idss series? Is that the production run? I thought the BL was the grade?

Thanks again

The 2 suppliers I mentioned are both US companies.

I used grade and Idss series interchangeable in my post. JFETs of a specific type are graded by Idss. In Japanese series, this shows up as GR, BL, and V grades. In JEDEC labeled transistors, the difference often shows shows up as different part numbers, e.g., 2N5457/2N5458/2N5459.

It's worth looking at the counterfeit transistor thread. If I remember right, someone questioned MCM or Consolidated (I think I remember MCM) then admitted he was still buying from them anyway. You'll want to buy more of the 2SK170 than you need and then measure them to get as close as Idss match as you can (they're cheap - the 2SK170's from Consolidated were 45 cents each in lots of 10 or more). If the measure OK, you're probably OK as far as the counterfeit issues goes. Don't sweat that too much. Look at Figure 5 in the Pearl article and you can see the spread of drain currents of the 4 2SK170's used there by the voltage drop across the source resistors - almost a 2:1 spread. That should give you some idea of how to select your transistors. Borbely will sell FETs according to a certain Idss group but gets a good price for them. From suppliers, it's more hit and miss -- someone at Consolidated once told me they usually have to take what they get.

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