Pearl Phono PCB´s

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I´m new registrated.
I have Aleph Pre 1.7 and Aleph 5.
Now I´m intrested in building the PearlPhono, but I´m not electrical skilled.

Where do I get PCB´s ?
Do one need C14 + C16 and if so what effect on soundquality will result ?
Do I have to match the JFET´s ? If yes, how many do I have to buy to get reasonable matching results ?

:confused: Wayne Colburn does not mention anything about the +/- 9V Battery supply ?? Is it not necessary ??
Battery advantage over Zener in Pearl?


Can you explain the possible advantage of a 9V reference battery over a 9.1 V Zener in a Pearl phono preamp, please? Any percieved sonic difference in a listening test?
I am about to build the Pearl phono and would like to know if it is worthwhile to provide space for the batteries.


Batteries are very, very quiet. Obviously a nifty trait when one is trying to build a phono stage. The downside is that they have to be replaced every so often. Zeners are forever, but at the expense of some noise.
I've heard people say that batteries sound better, aside from the noise issue. I have no opinion on this. Perhaps Wayne will be able to say more.
Your choice.
You could, I suppose, have a switched voltage reference. Zener for daily use, and battery for serious listening.

Pearl on Batteries

Im considering battery power for the Pearl and was wondering how much of the filter section should be retained either as filter or as current capacity. Would a series of 3 twelve volt batteries leading into pads 1& 2 work or could I just put 2 batteries before C15.

Im a bit concerned that housing the batteries distant from the circuit will allow the pick up of stray fields.

Is it likely that batteries will offer a significant advantage for a power supply in this application.

Im new to this so any advice would be helpful
Pearl Battery voltage reference ?

If I choose to use the 9 volt battery instead of the zeners, how long time could I expect the batterys to last - is the current draw so small that I could expect once a year or so ?? What if the battery gets to old, and the voltage drops, how would it be heard ??

Cheers !
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.