Pearl Acoustic Sibelius

Oh! Right. I remember that picture. Sorry.
But that brings up a question I've been meaning to ask you.
On page 5 of the FHXL build you show a section that is odds with the front elevation drawing beside it. The section clearly shows that the edges of the side, top and bottom panels expressed on the front of the enclosure yet the lines of the inside of these panels are shown dotted on the elevation indicating that they are behind the front baffle.
So which is it?
I assumed the section was correct which is why I've been contemplating adding a solid piece that would cover the edges and be "round-able".
I take it you applied edge veneer to the chamfer regardless?

I guess you are thinking about doing it like option 3 in the attached illustration.


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An update to Roon or my streamer caused them to reset to fixed volume and to play at full volume with 500w. It crumpled the edge of the cone.

Normal use they should be fine.

I have an alpair 7 that has been truly tortured by my friends kids, so kids and volume mistakes aside you should be fine.

But if the cabinets cost more than the drivers, might be worth picking up a spare.
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Roon or my streamer caused them to reset to fixed volume and to play at full volume with 500w. It crumpled the edge of the cone.


Turned it inside out (sort of)? Overpowering of early CHRs by a fellow in Ottawa led to the arrestor being installed to help prevent that, but with equipment failure/bad streamer code design it will make no difference.

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The A10.3 is the 3rd version of the metal A10. How MA labels their drivers has been inconsistent. A10p is the first paper A10, but is based on Gen 3 tech. I callthe A12p an A12.2p since it is second generation.

As soon as you said, "I asked Mark Audio about the bezel.” i knew exactly the story they would tell you. It does do that, but it makes no difference once the driver is secured to the baffle. But it is not the priginl purpose of the bezel cover. The stiffer bit was the story they came up to cover over the original glitch that made them necessary.

It does create a bigger obstruction as the cone transitions to the baffle.

Mhenschel was asking about how I was doing with my cabinet maker and here is my progress report:

Over the past few weeks, we have been emailing back and forth on cabinet build cost and veneer finishes. I finally decided on going with Baltic Birch 18mm unfinished and then having a buddy of mine who does furniture refinishing possibly do them in a piano gloss black. It will depend on how smooth the wood surfaces will be when the cabinets are done. The estimated cost so far is approx $900 USD for both assembled cabinets and his turnaround time is currently approximately three weeks.