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Wow - just had to jump right into something abrasive.

No, I'm not a "Randi fan" - I was just reading the article on Yahoo Tech and came across this.

And yes, I take rather frequent "breaks" - this is actually my first post of this nature. And if you usually post things like the above perhaps it's you who should take a break.

rdf said:

With 800+ posts under your belt you're sure to have come across at least one of the interminable and pointless flamefests that start with a first post just like yours. 'Abrasion' is in the eye of the beholder. Can't we all just get along?

If you found my post abrasive you are an incredibly sensitive person.

Yes I have come across similar posts before - but I've also come across a zilliion posts on other subjects that have been covered previously too - there's very little "virgin territory" left here. But when I do come across repeated subjects I don't respond with something rude - I suggest the person do a search, refer them to other threads or websites, etc. Or, I simply don't respond at all - which just happens to be a very effective way of killing a thread.

Can't we all get along? You could start by setting an example.


2004-06-21 8:04 am
big smoke
You found my reply rude? Odd. Sensitive no, but after ~15 years of reading the same old/same old on-line, bone tired yes. The type of thread a post like that starts never solves anything and achieves little but create emnity in a forum. See the sub-groups for an example, a decade of sustained hurled abuse on related topics with no sign of abatement. Hate when it happens here.

But it's your thread, enjoy.

You're bone tired? Then don't read/respond to the posts! If you don't respond the thread dies!

"The type of thread a post like that starts never solves anything and achieves little but create emnity in a forum."

What type of thread did I start? I believe YOU started the problem stuff. And I wasn't trying to "solve" anything nor create emnity or anything else. I was posting a report, not trying to start an argument.

"...sustained hurled abuse on related topics with no sign of abatement...Hate when it happens here."

I didn't hurl any abuse at anybody or anything - that is more descriptive of what YOU did. There is nothing wrong with discussion or debate - it happens here all the time as there are a myriad of subjects people disagree on; in fact, these types of things make the forum fun and interesting - IF people go about them in a civil manner (hint).

And if you hate it when "it" happens here - DON'T RESPOND!! All you are doing is perpetuating what you claim to be arguing against.

"It's your thread - enjoy" - I will if you'd let me.
A bargain compared with these.

That's close to the replacement value of all my stuff together.

rdf: I understand where you're coming from but I don't mind these sorts of threads. It allows us dumb guys to feel a little smarter knowing we don't need them and if we do it's because we're so rich that we already have the best of everything else, in which case we wouldn't be hanging out at a DIY forum.

We know it's bad manners but...