PCL86 Tube Pre-Amp for guitar. Any Idea?

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Hi guys!

I want to build a guitar preamp with one or two PCL86 valves.
I have two of them, I also have a transformer that I got from the same gramophone of wich i took the valves. I've got 2 output 5'6k transformers as well.

What can I do with all of this? I just want valve clipping.

Have a nice day.
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Just another question, have you heard a 5W tube amp amplifier? I'm saying this because you have the output transformers and the tubes to build a really nice sounding 4W tube amp. Then you could use a line out to drive another amp if you want to.
After all, 4,50€ is a lot of money.

No no, money is not a problem at all... And 4,50 is nothing.

The problem is that I can't buy things from the internet, I'm 16, so no paypal, no credit card, no nothing.

@Stalker: One of the wires were not removed from the transformer so I think it's well wired. It's not the first transofrmer I use.

Can't I use one of the pentodes as a preamp stage?
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No, I did say cathode follower which has no gain. He's right.

LOL, I guessed you were pretty young but 16? Take care, high voltages can kill you.

PT vibrating and even if it's unloaded too much AC volts at the secondary for those tubes ...hmm...where did you get that trafo from?
Don't worry, I take a lot of care when doing electronics, if you check my profile it says that I also do some other electronics so I'm used to take care of safety. Anyway I almost got blind with my most powerful lasers... accidents will happen. Wear always safety gear on!

If he's right, then awesome, I'm waiting for instructions on what I especifacally have to do. This forum is way more useful than a lot of other forum where noobs are just hated to death, like if everyone were born knowing all that they know.

And yeah, I'm just 16... hope people here don't hate me just for my age, just like in other sites.

The trafo was inside the gramophone of wich i took the valves of. It vibrates fully unloaded, that is: AC 220V Mains->Trafo
Nothing more on the setup. I read googling about it that is normal, depends on the quiality of the trafo, but... it scares the hell out me, lol.
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