I'm looking to build a couple of amplifiers based on the TDA2009, or other amplifier that will operate at 15vdc, and put out 5-10w stereo into 4ohms.

Also, I would like to have the second one bridged, however, is there a source for PCBs or reference boards for these? I see mock up boards on the data sheet for the 2009, but can not find a source for them.

How in the world do you possibly do that? This is my first project and I feel way over my head!, but I don't have the money for a commerically done project, so here I am ;P

Is there anyway of making a project without a PCB, and would involve, a lot of wiring, I guess?

My plan currently is to make 4 TDA2050 amplifiers on a 6"x6" board, is this possible using standard breadboard, or what should I be looking into, given that price is the biggest concern, however, there is no sense on saving money if the final product will not work :)