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Plenty of ideas, No spare time

Hi Vivek,
With my vari-temp iron, good solder and modified solder sucker, I can remove and refit components many times without damaging the board, and this includes removing/refitting large and small surface mount packages.
The limit to the number of times is determined by the fact that molten solder dissolves the copper tracks, and too many times and no track/pad left.
If you are lifting pads, your iron is too hot - the glue fixing the tracks is thermally sensitive.
Multicore Savbit (60%Tin, 38%Lead, 2%Copper), helps to conserve the tip and pads, melts at a lowish temp, and is sonically quite ok.

"Eric, have you tried the STK or the Holton N-channel amp?"

Unfortunately both are on hold for the moment whist I get on with business things, and also finish a non-audio prototype.
My leaning is toward the circlotron design, and likely the first that I will build and try out.
If no good, then the Holton N-channel looks to be next.
I have two STK's in my workshop somewhere, so they will get used sooner or later.

If I were to ditch my girlfriend I would have more free time, but I don't see that happening. :)
When I get to it, my amp project will be a serious effort.

Regards, Eric.
Hi Vivek,
"I liked your shop. Nice place. I suppose that is you in the picture at the table."
Thankyou, thankyou and yes.
Go to my links page and click TONS OF USEFUL LINKS for Australiana and other stuff.
My location is at the northernmost suburb of Perth - further north from here is rubbishy bush, desert, some coastal towns, inland mining based towns, a laid back country town atmosphere, and the freshest air on the planet.
My shop is 140sqm, 40m2 showroom/counter, 60m2 service area with 10m long repair/test bench, and 40m2 storage, kitchen, bathroom and compressed air cleaning room.
If it had a shower I might be tempted to live there even, maybe.
In between customers and friends who drop in continually, I am mostly to myself.
This gives me the opportunity to critically listen to lots of audio gear, and listen as loud as I like.
The big volume of the room is very good for testing the limits and distortions of loudspeakers, and amplifiers.

How are your projects coming on ? - I have lost track, sorry, of what you have achieved so far.
I made the STK 4171 amp, remember? I built a cabinet for it, but I used aluminium that was too thin. I tried to strengthen it with plywood on the inside but I was not happy with the result. I am considering getting thicker Al.
Meanwhile, I got the parts for the Project 3A amp and have started building the board (handwired). That is going very slow. I am also looking for a suitable pre-amp for the FM tuner I built. We have a couple of stations which play superb Western and Indian music.
My speakers are done except for the lining on the inside. I have been lazy of late and have not done it.
Hey, I had relatives in Perth but they are in the USA now. I am not sure which area they stayed in. I will try to find out.
I saw the links page and there sure is a lot of stuff in it.
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