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PCB's MX800, DP0804 & DP0806 - to build a complete Hi-Fi 800W PRO audio amplifier

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In the following I will describe the three projects mentioned in the title of this topic, namely:
1) DP0142 - MX800 - 800W/4Ohm PRO Audio Amplifier - The PDF documentation of the MX800 project is not free, it costs 15Euro
2) DP0806 - Intput-Out PCB audio amplifier with softstart and PSU
3) DP0804 - Vumeter with tranzistors & led peak-protect (a project inspired by the TAmp TSA2200 Vumeter)
DP0806 and DP0804 - free documentation - I attached it to the message below.

I have opened this topic to bring to your attention three personal projects (also presented on Portalul Tehnium Azi - Portalul Tehnium Azi) with the help of which - especially if you own a TAmp TSA2200 metal case - you can build a full power amplifier (typically 800W / 4 Ohm) with some outstanding technical performances, of which I enumerate:
- recommended supply voltage: min. +/- 30Vdc .... max. +/- 100Vcc (class AB);
- minimum permissible impedance: 4 Ohm (at the highest power supply voltage allowed);
- the nominal output power at the supply voltage max. allowed: ~ 800W / 4 Ohm;
- the harmonic distortion factor: 0.02% (at maximum power);
- nominal input sensitivity: approx. 5Vrms / 22Kohm (you need a preamplifier, see the new DP0806 kit);
- SR at nominal load: ~ 25V / us (measured).

1) The MX800 project is a project developed after several years of testing, with various intput/output stages and here we have now reached the form presented in the PDF documentation of this project that costs only 15 Euros (does not include PCB price).
Making a comparison with audio amplifiers with voltage feedback, very common and built by electronics, those with current feedback allow a greater slew-rate, a better damping factor and hence a more rigorous control of the bass speaker suspension. All these aspects, coupled with a much more lively natural sound, led to the fact that at present, this performance area has been moved to the professional area, very invaded by classic QSC topologies, more suitable for clubs than for live sound. But here is the new MX800 wants to combine the club with live sound,in a way that will surely attract the attention of even the most pretentious of us. So, why not try to build an MX800! Here are some reasons why I will draw your attention.

So, the MX800 documentation is a PDF file that contains assembly instructions, schematic and pcb layers, if you plan to build PCB's at home, using the press-and-peel method.

1pcs. PCB MX800 = 10 Euro / 1 pcs. + 15 Euro documentation + shipping

2) The DP0806 is a PCB that contains:
- a 230VAC softstart part for transformer power supply;
!!! Regarding the adaptation of the softstart part of the DP0806 project to operate at 115VAC, we can discuss this aspect in this topic.
- a power part for two high power amplification stages (eg MX800);
- a power part dedicated to supplying the existing preamplifier on the PCB (with this preamplifier it can be set in bridge or stereo the operation of two amplification channels);
- outputs of supply of 24Vdc fan circuits. These outputs also contain the + 5Vdc voltage required to power a temperature sensor, such as the LM35DT on the MX800 boards.
On the PCB the resistors R8 and R26 are 5K trimmers but instead of these trimmers, if you don't want a preamp adjustment which in some situations will help to a better background noise management, you can mount the resistors specified in the schematic. However, I prefer trimmers, first of all because in many situations a preamp setting so that the input sensitivity to be at least 1Vrms has several advantages, including the aforementioned background noise management.

1pcs. PCB DP0806 = 15 Euro / 1 pcs. + documentation free + shipping

PCB DP0806 has mounting holes compatible with those of the old SMPS board that equipped the Tamp TSA2200. So, a replacement of the old SMPS with DP0806 can be done without any problems from this point of view.

3) The DP0804 is a PCB that can be used on the front of the amplifier's metal casing and has been specially designed to be used with the DP0142 = MX800 kit shown above. DP0804 has a PCB inspired by the PCB that equips the front of the TSA2200 series TAmp amplifier. I made a PCB in one layer to make it easier to replicate by known D.I.Y methods. On the MX800 you will see a resistor sandwiched between -V from there and -V on the DP0804 board. At values I did not walk almost at all. The schematic, as you can see, is very similar to another schematic from other audio amplifiers, but not Tamp. I came only with a small contribution regarding the values of parts and of course, as I said, with a PCB in one layer without any jumper.

1pcs. PCB DP0804 = 3 Euro / 1 pcs. + documentation free + shipping

DP0804 is a project that can be used on almost any symmetrical power amplifier schematic. The interface mode with the MX800 is presented in the MX800 documentation.

!!!shipping Depending on the country of destination, the shipping may vary - for example, for packages sent to the USA from Romania, the cost with delivery through USPS.com (priority transport - by plane) costs 19 Euro. However, for a more accurate calculation, please ask and/or send me the delivery adress.

The PDF files for DP0804 and DP0806 can be downloaded below:
Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I have posted below some pictures with these PCBs (attention, limited stock).

Regarding the free projects (DP0806 and DP0804), you can ask me here questions regarding their configuration, if they are such questions.

Best Regards,


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