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PCBs for the PASS ALEPH 1.2

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The all PCBs are made of FR-4 fiberglass material with Cu-50 mikron + Pb track overlay (tinplated), laser drilled, with two sided blue soldermask (instead of green), and with white component overlay.
Also, they all comes with partlists, stuffing guides and circuit diagrams.

More infos about PCBs for the Aleph 1.2 amplifier, and for some other Alephs, can be founded at PCB-DESIGN website:

Kristijan Kljucaric
Couple of questions:

I'm assuming the parts list (with Vendors name?) that you've indicated in your post will come with the boards but not shown on your web site.

I'm wondering why you did not label the component location next to the component value on your schematics? You don't want to make it too easy for us? Kidding of course. You schematics and board layout looks impressive!

The all boards are designed by Protel / Tango software.

At first, the PCBs are designed on the paper (by old fashion way), acording to the schematics.
At the end, the final and finished layout is redrawed in the Protel or Tango designing program.
Both above mentioned steps are very time consuming, and they are really nervbraking if you would like to have good PCB layout.
After the design is finished in the PROTEL, then all the neccesary work is done by the proffesional machines for making the PCBs.

Yes, they are blue, from both sides.

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric


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