PCBs for aleph30 and aleph L

Dear fellow Aleph DIYers, after a popular demand about my aleph PCBs published on Passdiy.com, I decided to publish my designs in jpg format for easy printing .

However I will only do so if if Mr. Nelson Pass grant me the permission to do so.

Note though that these are just scans of my prints as my pcb editor do not output any kind of popular format (the editor i use is board maker by Tsien Labs). However although scans are not perfect, the prints are o.k for fabrication of the pcb. I also include the stuffing diagram in two versions (mask1 & mask2). The parts numbering system is the one used in aleph30.

Moreover, I also made a pcb for the aleph L but i will only publish it after the kind permission of Mr Nelson Pass.

Once more I would like to thank Him personally for being our source of information and knowledge.