PCB: low voltage On-Off switch drives AC mains relay \ includes soft start .. H9KPXG

How many posts in this thread have you read so far?

Quite a few, though most of it was back when I first assembled it. I’m only using P1 and have a 150k ohm resistor across P2.

Right now when the switch is off, I read 4.4VAC on P1 and an LED on a downstream board is very dimly lit. Is 150k ohm too high? I think I remember 100k ohm being what people used.

Perhaps a related issue, but when I turn the switch on and I get full voltage through P1 (regardless if there’s is a load or not), there’s a faint high pitched ringing sound.

I'm fairly sure I have mine configured that way? I have my transformer in P1 and a 150k ohm resistor across P2. My concern is not what I'm reading on my DMM, but the fact that LEDs in the amp are dimly lit, meaning at least some voltage is getting through.

I could live with a nominal amount of voltage coming through, the biggest issue is the high pitched whining. Reminiscent of old CRT TVs or something.