PCB layout - tips & tricks for beginners to experts


2013-02-08 6:26 pm
My idea is to share some of my knowledge in PCB layout techniques as a series of high quality tips and tricks. The goal is that this mini-series should be of great value to both high-end developers as to the novice.

I have a background in electronics development of both commercial and military products. I might not be an expert in all areas of designing state-of-the-art circuit boards, but the experience and knowledge I have might be of interest to quite many DIYers and professionals. I'm sure you can help me out with valuable comments to further improve the quality of my topics. And also with great ideas of new topics.

As I have my own quite new company - Regal technology, all posts will be there. You find the PCB tips and tricks series on: http://regal.16mb.com

My first post will be tomorrow 2016-03-11 - see you there

take care, Anders @ Regal technology