PCB for Regulated Bipolar Power Supply

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I plan to build a +15V, -15V regulated power supply following the design using three terminal adjustable regulators produced by Walt Jung and Gary Galo in an old issue of TAA. At one time, Old Colony provided a complete kit containing the board and parts which I had acquired at the time to use in my opamp preamp, but of course it is no longer available. Since my preamp was lost in moving, I want to rebuild it using the original power supply. I have the schematic and parts list but I need a PCB. Does anyone know a source from which I can obtain a generic one designed for three terminal adjustable regulators? I've looked around but haven't been able to come up with anything yet.

I know that Welborne Labs makes a complete kit based on the Jung/Galo regulator but after reading the negative reviews about the company here at DIYaudio, I wouldn't go near them.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.
I did some more research and found what I was looking for on Ebay. It's a glass/epoxy PCB that will accomodate a positive and a negative adjustable regulator such as the LM317/LM337 types and all of their associated components to produce a bipolar regulated voltage from an AC input. The Galo/Jung design utilized Linear Technologies LT1085CT/LT1033CT regulators for improved performance and I will follow suit in my build.

The board is 91 x 68 mm (~ 3.6" x 2.7") and is 1.6 mm thick. It looks well-made and seems to have substantial traces. It cost US $9.99 and shipping is free. It ships from Hong Kong and is due to arrive here between May 3rd and May 9th. After receipt, I'll post my impression of it here.

A PCB designed for use with a + regulator only, such as the LM317, is also available on Ebay and would be useful for building a regulated supply for the Pass FET Buffer circuit, for example.

I hope their are others here who will also find this information useful. :)
I just received my 3-terminal IC bi-polar adjustable regulator PCB. It came from Electronics-Salon in China. To my amateur's eye, it looks well-constructed but of course the ultimate test will occur when I start soldering components onboard.

Below are photos I just took of the PCB for your inspection.


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