PCB for Audio innovations 500.

Hi folks, I have recently bought an Audio innovations series 500 amp. The main power supply and power amp board has been well and truly toasted and I think the best way to approach repair would be to start with a new PCB.
Could any kind soul make me a PCB, I have the (very simple single layer) design ready to go as a publisher document and will of course be willing to pay for time and materials etc. I can drill it myself should there be any volunteers. I am in East Sussex, UK.
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PCB for Audio innovations 500

Hi JPR_PT thanks for your reply and kind offer of assistance. The board is 205mm x 73mm. I have attached the layout (reversed). It is in pdf format. I hope this is OK. Holes are all 1mm.

I am away from my PC until next Sunday.


  • AI500 PCB reversed.pdf
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2008-12-03 6:35 pm
I use negative pcb film. I need an inverted image. I'm going to test inverting the image you sent me on my pcb software.
Just a note - PDF usually is not a good base for a pcb layout. It can have dimensioning errors that affect the final result.
I'll let you know this wekend about the results


2009-09-15 11:54 am
Why need a pcb. :D
Just make thing hardwired.


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