PC DAC solution

Im looking for the best sound i can get out of my pc for less than approx 300 US$

Im running 2 speakers and 2 subs (I'll likely have to build an active XO for my sub. Right now im using a Soundblaster Live with an active lowpass to subs using kxproject drivers) I only really need 2 channel output as most likely any other soundcard/DAC is not going to be able to do the XO point/slope that i want.

A couple possible solutions

Zhaolu D3 DAC with TG card

but for a little cheaper

with the auzentech I get the creative x-fi chip which would be nice when I play games but my primary concern is with SQ for music (which is lossless 44.1khz and yes some MP3s too.)

I'm leaning towards the auzentech.

Anybody have any other suggestions?
Could I be doing better for my money?

I am of course open to DIY but doing any SMT soldering would be difficult.