PC based audio and video

Hi once gain guys. Please help me out here. I want to set up my Laptop (if possible) to send the video signal via HDMI to my TV and use my USB DAC set up for the audio. Will hooking up the HDMI disable the digital audio signal out to the USB DAC? If so, what is the best work wround to get the digital audio out from the TV?

BTW - which would you get for a brand new TV - plasma, LCD or LED TV?

Thanks again,
your computer shouldn't be able to send out audio through the hdmi cable because the video card wont be sharing a signal with the sound card...but who knows these days.
if your computer does send out audio through the hdmi port then all you need to do is go into your sound manager and set the audio device to your usb dac. your sound manager should show you a list of the available audio devices so make sure the usb dac is plugged in.
if that still doesn't work then your tv should have a rca "audio out" (left and right) which you can route to your amplifier.

lcd tvs are the cheaper of the three and more or less the standard which means they have more research put into them and are most likely more reliable (this also depends on the manufacturer)
but if you have the money i would go with a led tv because they will most likely become the new standard because they supposedly have a much better image due to their superior design...but i have yet to formally compare the two so i'm talking without experience.