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Payment method

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I've seen lots of trading in this forum between members.

Assuming that we're all pure hobbyists (ie: do not run audio business/store), how you guys pay each other?

Especially if buyer and the seller are from different country, and the seller cannot accept credit card payment (because he/she doesn't have a merchant account for credit card).

You can use PayPal (now owned by EBay) -- it costs a bit more to accept payment from non US-sources, but saves the hassle of getting an international money order (which is cheaper, but the post office is a 15 minute drive away.) Further, with PayPal you have a "seller insurance" if you are shipping to a verified address.
There are some minor problems with PayPal, and it isn't cheap, but I use it in both directions.

There is also a service from Citibank, but it's somewhat klugey and difficult to use, and, having worked at and with Citibank, I am a little dubious.
I second the Paypal option, especially if they've enabled selling from your country (not all, as I understand it).

Otherwise banks can issue bankers drafts (cheques drawn on the bank itself) in the currency of your (or your buyer's) choice, at a price...

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