PAudio DIY speakers

The Gallante originally used the Altec 604, so might you. The driver was in production from 1945 to 1998, used ones are easy to find though pricey. The 605, an improved 604 made in the early 1960s is also very good and usually a little cheaper. People still go ga-ga over 604s and 605s and they have a sizeable cult, the audiophiles who hear my 605s are always floored by the things. Expect very vivid dynamics, strong bass that's VERY clean, very clear highs and a rather warm "technicolor" midrange. I don't know if they're the last word in flat response but they have very low distortion and can be listened to for hours with no fatique. Oh yeah, they get REAL loud too and are very efficient, I use mine with a 5 wpc SET. Plans for cabinets for these drivers are all over the web, try for starters.