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I'm hoping someone can tell me more about a Canadian speaker manufacturer from the 1970s, Patterson Industries. Yesterday I found what appear to be a solid pair of PI 913s in a thift right shop for $30. 8 ohms 5/25. I was just about to take the dive when I decided to wait and try and and gather some info before buying. Anyone familiar? Are there particular characteristics I should be familiar with? Thanks!
Anything that old is prone to having all sorts of issues. You need to listen to them and decide if your ears are telling you it's worth $30 unless you are seeing these as some sort of investment you can fix-up and take to "Antiques Roadshow." :D

Examine the outer ring on the drivers for signs of cracking or rot. Examine the dust caps in the center for signs of them becoming unglued from the cone. The terminals for being broken. Dust caps with thumb presses are fine unless severe. That can be fixed with the careful application of a vacuum cleaner crevice attachment. Or you'll suck the cone right off and end up having to throw it out.... :D


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The very 1st set of speakers i bought (very early 70s) was a set of Patterson Industry with an 8" RSC FR in them.

The model number is not likely going to help. Pictures (particularily of the driver(s) inside) would be very helpful. Given the construction of the boxes i have seen, you'd likely need to buy them to get a peak at the speakers.

The grills were nailed shut so I had no way of getting a good look without prying them off. I left them behind. I was simply interested in finding out where Patterson Industries once sat in terms of quality and market value. Low end crap, mid-range decent, or high end great? Their company profile seems to have all but vanished. The few reviews I did find were decent but cryptic and very brief. I almost regret leaving them behind due to the mystery I'm left with. What do you remember about Patterson Industries and the speakers themselves, planet10?
PI was one of a few "local / west coast manufacturers" of such products and OEM / private labelled brands for the like of House of Stein / Kelly's etc that jumped on the audio goldrush bandwagon during the early to mid 70s, and that as best as those of us around at the time can remember (yes, much inhaling occurred) lasted well into the early 80s. Mid-range quality sonics, variable QC on fabrication/assembly, sometimes surprisingly decent driver components, usually "minimalistic" crossovers.

In other words, nostalgic novelties, and at the right price could be fun - with appropriately low enough expectations, anything can be a pleasant surprise.

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patterson speakers

I know the post is a little old but I just came across a pair. Bought them for 40.00 cdn, so about 30 us. Very solid cabs. Real wood veneer. Bought them so I could re-purpose the cabs but when I hooked them up I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality so decided to leave them intact. Kind of remind me of some harbeths I used to have. German made drivers like older Braun/ ASD. If you come across a pair for cheap they are well worth a look\listen.
Sounds like a set I just found for free! Front grill is non removable but the back came off.. got a few pics. I had removed the woofer to find a cloth pleated surround!!


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