Pass Zen-v4 Pics

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I finally taked couple of pictures of my ZEN-V4,
and here are some of them ;

It have much more power than original Zen !
As usual, clear sound without any audiable hum on 101 dB speakers.
It have slightly weaker bass than Aleph amplifiers, but this is no problem when you listen it.
I used smaller heatsinks, but it is working very good and everything is ok.
I run my mosfets and heatsinks around 90 C, after some time
you can feel the characteristic warm smell in the room !

Next, I will try to build it in balanced configuration.

As as expected, another excellent and Pass design.

Thanks to Mr.Pass and his crew.

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric


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Hi Kristijan,

Very nice, and fast.

I know your one of the few that have managed to build both the Zens and the Alephs. Please describe how the Z-4 sounds vs the Alephs on the high end of the spectrum. Which would you prefer, and why.

Rodd Yamas***a
Hello Mr.Yamas***a,

The Zen-v4 is very similar in sound to the Aleph amplifiers.
The mid-highs are to my ears very same and I can't notice the bigger differences in the sound.
I compare it to the Aleph 5 amplifier and it seems that the only difference is in the bass and power.
For normal home listening the Zen-v4 have more than enough power, I tried it with 101 dB speakers and it can play really loud.
An Aleph 5 have better bass, at least for my ears.

I prefer Aleph 5, it is working better with my speakers, but there should be used little bigger heatsinks, and there is even more warm air smell in the room, even not try to mention Aleph 1.2 .
That one is really Psychiatric case compared to the previous two's !

Soon I will try to build the Zen-V4 in balanced operation, and will see how it is working with the Balanced line stage.

If there will be interest in it, I can do the PCBs for the Zen-V4 balanced (all the parts on the one PCB, similar to the Aleph 5).

Try to use the wires short.
Also, good Cu wire will do, like OFC speaker wire or so.
It is cheaper than silver, and still good results.

It is much simpler to assemble the boards first, and then solder
the wires.

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric
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