Pass XP-15


2008-11-16 1:56 am
Hi, Papa
I can't see any 10uF Coupling Cap in your newest version of phono stage, I think it's look like Pearl 2 (22uF//0.1uF) ?

Now I modified MC Coulping Cap of ONO from 220uF Electrolite to 1uF Polypropylene 3 Pcs CB4 - CB3 - C10, Is it correct or posible or missing ?



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Did I understand you correctly, you replaced the 220uF MC-cap with a 1uF polypropylene?

You know that this cap forms a high pass filter with a lower cut-off frequency that might now be much too high?

I think in the original Ono that cap was 10uF PP and I would not go below that ;)

But maybe I just misunderstood your post.