Pass X2 Ps

george a

2002-05-06 1:12 pm
Hi All

I've ben looking over the schematics for the X2 pre-amp (rev 0 or 1) and assume that the power supply as indicated supplies 2 channels of X2..
I have to ask the question, transformer size aside , how many channels of X2 can that design successfully power?- easy enogh to up trafo and smoothing caps but what about the rest.?

I'm after 6 channels for a tri-amp setup with the X2 design replacing the output Op amps in a Dcx2496 DSP crossover. the problem will also be the 6 channels of precision attentuators required, I may just go for 12 steps at 3dB each + some mute switch etc.

I have enough irf610's and 9610's from my parts reserve that were to be used for a P1.7 pre.

Any comments??
Cheers and thanks in advance