Pass Pearl 2 / recommended power supplies

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It is pretty easy to do the PSU as Wayne shows in his PDF on the website using point to point wiring. I had a spare diode board from the store Universal PSU board. The rest was wire, solder, terminal blocks, wire nuts, hot glue to secure the big caps.
A little bit of a hack job but it works.


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I am building simple unregulated CRC filter for on-board 7824/7924 series regulators of Pearl-2 board. Using MUR8xx diodes with 22-0-22 r-core transformer.

Unregulated PS-V-02-sch.png

Unregulated PS-V-02-pcb.png

This is very basic and generic power supply. Component values could be experimented for different caps and resistances.


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Remember that the Pearl 2 has a fully regulated supply and lots of capacitance onboard, the outboard PSU is made to get the transformer physically away from the RIAA, and to keep the noisiest part of the PSU (switching and the ripple caps) also away from the sensitive circuits.

If you are going to do a shunt reg (which would be nice, no doubt, and I'm fairly sure someone has done one with the Salas Low Voltage shunt reg, with good results) you will need to remove the onboard series regs, not just make the outboard PSU fancier.
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Did you try Pearl with your Shunty reg/p.s?It is strange when power supply designer recommends competitors product.

few guys from Vaterland already tried Shunty with their Ono and Xono ; I made necessary parts value changes , same as necessary change in Ono local regs area (Shunty for Ono schm enclosed , while edited Ono schmtc , which I'm having - is too clumsy to post here) ; in fact - there were few more iterations of Shunty , one of them cruising at more than 550mA programmed current per leg , and feeding some wakoo AR2's creations

well - I recommend both Salas low voltage reg and Shunty , in PM ( and precisely in that order ..... just because Shunty is more complex , if nothing else )

both will work , for sure ;

don't ask me which I like more :clown:

I'm somewhat shy , when propaganda is in question :rofl:


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