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Pass Aleph style heatsinks


2006-12-21 9:35 am
I know this is a pretty old story. Many of us are seeking for these for years. ;)

Is there any chance to make a batch of these? :confused:





2014-10-30 3:54 am
I just stumbled onto this thread. I used to order custom extrusions and the way it worked was the extrusion die was custom made for me and left at the extrusion shop. I paid for the die and a minimum order of extrusion, usually 500 to 1000 pounds of it. Anyway, if you know who used to sell this etrusion they may point you to the extrusion house. At that point if the die wasn't scrapped they could run an order of it. May require a release form from the owner of the die.

Would anyone be interested in getting a bunch of "Aleph style" heatsinks as shown in the attachment?

I am considering to run a batch of these, and if there is enough interest, that might even be affordable. Just let me know either here or by PM. If there is enough interest, I might start a group buy thread for this.


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