PartsExpress 6.5" Buyout Woofer Home Theater Surround Build

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Hey guys. I've got another project at hand to complete in the near future, most likely at the end of the semester. As of right now, I've been building my home theater system from scratch. I've already got the front stage and low end completely done. I personally think they sound great and couldn't be happier. I've got 3 2Pi speakers rocking the front stage while I have 2 12" Infinity 1262W subwoofers in their respective ported enclosures taking care of the low end. All that's left to complete my home theater system is a set of surrounds (I'm running 5.1). Right now, I've got four of these Partsexpress 6.5" buyout woofers lying around from previous projects (actually, I've got 6, but 2 already have a home). I was thinking I could use them in this surround project, 2 per speaker mated with a tweeter. The speakers themselves are already so cheap, I would hate to sink a lot of money into them. I was hoping I could mate a cheaper tweeter with them with a simple first order crossover to round out the high end. I would probably build a wall mount friendly box that's roughly the volume of the B652 x 2 as that houses the same woofer and seems to perform fairly decently, I just have 2 woofers instead of one :D. Any ideas?

That was a abit of a ramble.

The drivers seem to come from a pretty good Chinese source, very high value and clean sounding for the cost, but check the recommended volume's for them ( 1.5 cubic feet sealed, 3.6 vented). Remember that if you use 2 you must double the cabinet volume, so now it's 3 or 7.2 cubic feet, though both results give you pretty good 3 dB points. Try using WinISD for different cabinet volumes and port combinations, you may be able to use a smaller ported enclosure than PE recommends, but it takes some experimentation. Remember that WinISD doesnot have baffle step compensation included, so your final results will be lower than that.

Combined with a low power handling and sensitivity I'm not sure they would be worth it at the end of the day, but I leave that to you to discover.


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Here is a pic of his OBs.


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I'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible given the cost of the drivers. Pico mentioned how you could run the woofer full range. I've heard this also and that's probably what I will try and do. Zaph's measure of the woofer on his cite, although we have different versions of the woofer as he's got the first iteration and I believe I've got the latest iteration. I'm sure the measurements have changed somewhat, but that's all we really have to go off of. I was thinking about running them full range with the Dayton Audio ND16FA crossed around 6700-6800 with a 4uF cap on the tweeter. This is a slightly low crossover point compared to B652 with their respective tweeters which should take care of some of that upper midrange hole that exists in their design.

This would only be a 25$ dollar investment and could yield decent results.
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Those are nice high value woofers. I have 8 of them myself and use them in all sorts of projects. They work well as slot loaded OB's (qnty 6), and are currently the woofers in the Trynergy. They are the drivers in Dayton's popular B652 speakers. Despite the modest 3.5mm xmax and no shorting rings - they sound and measure quite nicely. Qts is around 1 so use accordingly for sealed or OB.
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