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For Sale Parts to build the BA3 Amplifier

Things you have for sale.
I started to source everything to build a BA3 amplifier, but decided to go a different direction. I am selling everything for under what I paid and I stuffed a majority of the parts and sourced different parts recommended by 6l6. All you really need to finish this amp is the chassis, transformer, Mosfets, wiring, and the back panel parts kit.

List of everything included is below:

-BA3 front end board mostly stuffed
- P+N Quad of 8.7ma Toshiba JFETS from Punkydawgs (ebay seller)
- 10uf Audio Research Caps from Peter Moncrief
- IRFP9610 and 610 Mosfets along with the heatsinks (does not include screws, nuts, or Sil Pads)
- 1k and 500 ohm trim pots for P1, P2, and P3 (recommended1k for the above mosfets)
- BA3 Output and Bias/DC Offset boards
- 2 output boards stuffed with 1 ohm 3W and 150 ohm resistors (Mosfets NOT included)
- 2 bias boards stuffed with changes recommended by 6l6 in build guide (12k in R25 and 500 ohm Trim Pot in P2)
- PSU and Diode Bridges
- PSU board stuffed
-Eight 4700uf 50V caps per rail (75,200uf total)
- .47uf MPC71 Futaba 5W resistors (5 per side)
- Diode boards from the diyaudio V3 Power Supply board with MBR20200CT diodes and heatsinks (no hardware or sil pads)
- Soft start relay board (97% stuffed)
- Missing one diode D5

I paid almost $350 for all these items after shipping. I am asking just $300 and I will ship for free anywhere in the continental US via USPS flat rate.

Shipping from Houston, TX.
Pictures below


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