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Parts for sale

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Have many new parts for sale:

1 Crystal CS8412 input receiver $10.00
1 Burr-Brown PCM 63 DAC $10.00
1 Burr-Brown PCM 63K DAC $15.00
2 Burr-Brown PCM 1702 DACs $8.00@
Many Linear Tech LT1364CN8 dual op amps $3.00@
27 Crystal CS8414-CS input receivers $10.00@
22 Crystal CS8420 "D" revision upsamplers $18.00@
12 Raltron 24.704 mhz VCXO (perfect for use with 8420) $20.00@
Many Harris RHR460 soft recovery diodes $.50@
Many Elna Cerafine 470uf 25V caps $.50@
Many Elna Audio caps 3300uf 25V $.50@
Many 5, minus 5, 15 and minus 15 volt regualtors (78 type)$.35@

All parts brand new, never used. Most priced below wholesale.
$10.00 minimum per order. I take credit cards. You can e-mail me at ricevs@worldnet.att.net or call 408-399-9708 9-5 Pacific time.

Ric Schultz
Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS)
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