Parts Express Neodymium Tweeter

Pats Express Neodymium Tweeter

I just picked up a few of Parts Express #279-234, a 1" soft dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid damping. From the markings on the tweeter, they appear to be surplus from Atlantic Technology. I was intrigued by the small size, and was thinking of using some of these in a miniature MTM with some 4.5" surplus Vifa drivers, and also in a line array with the cheapo Pioneer 4" drivers. Has anyone had a chance to messs with these tweeters yet?
They didn't have the response graph up when I bought the tweeters, but they have it now, and it looks ok. I'll figure at crossing over at around 5k. They are impressively small - a good thing for the MTMs, as there is no room on the front panel of the standard Parts Express 0.5 cubic foot box for two 4.5" drivers and a standard round dome tweeter. Can't complain about the price, either... The oblong mounting bracket should allow close center-to-center spacing for line arrays.

I want to finish the MTMs first, though, as a reference point. I am running omnidirectional speakers at present (have been for 25 years), and I don't want to hop right into making yet another exotic speaker without trying a plain vanilla ported design first.
I've used them both!

I used a single Vifa TC11MG-07-04(buyout) with that tweeter, x-overed at 2800 all inside a box using Masaaki Takenaka's spiral horn(PVC) idea. Just this weekend my Pastor and I sat down and A/B'ed them using Mostly Vocal music but with some great Glenn Miller recordings. The other speakers were some Bose 301's that he thought sounded pretty good.
Masaaki's design simply blew them away for low end extension and all around clarity. Power handling is not very high as the 4.5 inch cone really has to travel to get them low notes, but at moderate levels the tweeter and Vifa along with the spiral horn produce great sound at a very low price. (I will get the photo's to you Masaaki, just got our computer with the usb ports for our camera, so expect them soon)