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For years and years I swore by these guys. I was always amazed at how fast my stuff showed up. But the past year has been a totally different story. They say they have the parts in stock. I order them. Then a week or two later I realize I have not had an email saying its shipped. I email them and get " we are out of stock on " insert part here" and we will ship when we get it in." No notifying me. nothing... just late parts. I complained MULTIPLE times about communicating to me when this happens and have asked WHY DOES IT SAY IN STOCK IF IT ISN"T?? but I always get some bs answer and have to wait. I used to really like them. I don't know of anyone else except for that outfit in the uk. Very sad... Anyone know of any other parts houses that have cool capacitors and other overpriced boutique parts to toss away our paychecks on? I don't like having to leave them but enough is enough. Pretty sad..

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Hi Jeff,
I know Chris personally. He's a straight shooter.

Understand that COVID messed up the parts chain. Sometimes other people buy parts so they are out of stock before they are removed from inventory. He isn't trying to do anything here. This happens with other vendors as well.

Keep in mind he's also busy, Dave isn't there any more either. In a perfect world they could cover all communication, there aren't enough hours in a day and not enough staff. Remember, everyone is hurting in the business world.

-Chris (no relation!).
Ive ordered from them a few different times in the last 1.5 months and all shipped and arrived promptly. The last order arrived in 2 days, impressive. In fact I will be making another order soon for a pair of Mundorf MLSL Caps.
Also ordered from Hifi Collective in the same timeframe. Zero issues with either.