Parts Connexion Shipping Problems?

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So maybe it's a run of bad luck, but I've placed three orders with Parts Connexion over the last month or two and in each case it took them several days to ship the items they said were in stock. Even after I get a tracking number it takes 2-3 days for it to actually get moving. My current order is a 3-day USPS shipment and I got the tracking number on the 25th. Yet USPS says they still don't have the package. I think I've actually gotten things faster from China! I guess Amazon prime is spoiling me... Thanks, I feel much better now that I've vented.
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They're probably just running late for boxing up and getting a pickup.
Or a weekend got in the way. Never gonna be fast as Amazon etc.
The tracking number only means they have paid for the label, but
it may not even be on a box yet.
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There was a part out of stock showing in stock. So they had to order that in. But I was also told they send to the US by shipping it to their "US Logistics warehouse" where it is then turned-over USPS. And the first shipment doesn't happen until they have enough orders to do a bulk shipment to the warehouse. So basically everything is shipped and handled twice after they have enough for a "bulk" shipment to their border warehouse. That's why there is a 2+ day delay before USPS sees it. At least now I know what to expect when I order from them. Or I could pay $15 and have it shipped directly to me overnight. Again, Amazon Prime spoiled, I guess.
Parts Connexion is an excellent company but I've learned to allow more time for delivery. I think some of this may be related to the Canadian location. I've had packages show up in Florida anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks. I've never got deliveries from them as fast as domestic suppliers however. As far as customer service, they are second to no one and carry one of the most exhaustive lists of diy parts on the continent.

If you can plan ahead some and have an account with them you can keep a running list on their site. Every now and then (maybe three to four times a year mainly around holidays) they offer a free shipping promo where they ship UPS second day air. Sometimes this promo is run in conjunction with a 25% off sale (sometimes it's site wide other times on specific groups of parts). As long as your parts are in stock and under a certain weight (read the fine print on the posted promo) your order ships fast and free. When you register your account sign up for email notifications and they will let you know when the promos happen. I've always had good luck with them. Their stock list is not always accurate but I have found their customer service very good.
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