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Par-metal headphone amp chassis w/ FPE panels


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2015-08-24 2:28 pm
Nice aluminum chassis for a headphone amp project.
My RJM Sapphire was in this chassis. PCB's are sold and I'm parting out the rest.
Chassis is in generally good condition, bottom has drill holes from previous project.
Front and rear panels by Front Panel Express

- Dimensions: 7W x 12D x 2.5H
- Front panel - holes for volume pot and headphone socket
- Back panel - holes for RCA. New IEC and used SPST fitted.
- Bottom - 3M bumper feet

Case costs around $67, panels another ~$50, IEC, SPST etc....

Asking $45 + shipping

P.S I haven't verified all dimensions but I think a WHAMMY with offboard pot can fit nicely


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