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Hey all, I've been following these forums for sometime, but never posted. My friend (Multiplexor) recently bought a sharp qa-1650 off ebay, we tested it out w/o an overhead and worked great on a dreamcast.
So... I decided to get one for myself then purchase an overhead right after. But being the genius I am......... the auction didn't state if the VGA cable came with the panel, only the powersupply did.
I guess I have a small delema: no VGA cable and after we tested the panel I noticed that the signal is not autodected.
Multiplexor asked around for me, but has been unable to come across a straight answer.
My questions are:
1- Would anyone be willing to make me one? Im very willing to pay a decent amount for one, called Sharp they want 160$$$ Cnd for a ******* Sharp Db-15 (proprietary cable).
2- If not does anyone have a pinout layout/diagram of this?

I noticed a couple of people asking the same question as I on the forum but no solutions have surfaced.

Any help .........would help
Also, was OHP would you guys recommend to use on that panel in a very dark room? (no daylight only lamp is needed) 4000 lumen Fxl would be enough? Or should i go 7300 lumen - 8000 lumen halide?
Yah I need a cable too as a few other people probably do too. I have a way that someone with a sharp cable can give a pinout to us.

Materials needed:

Sharp panel cable

Multimeter ( Run it in the mode so that when the two probes touch each other it beeps)

Step 1
Take one of the probes coming from the multimeter put it on of the pins at one side of connector.

Step 2
Take the other probe and find which pin on other end it connects to.

Step 3
Make of which pin goes to which and post please

Many thanks to anyone who does this.

Here is a picture that will help you understand what I am talking about.


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looks exactly like my infocus.. large plug goes to a 'y' cable with a VGA INPUT AND MONITOR OUT. i'll post the pinouts soon. cant' guarantee anything, but it's better than nothing. maybe someone with a sharp panel will do the same? i suspect that this will end up being close to a VGA IN/OUT sandwiched together. i need to dothis anyhow, since i have 2 panels & 1 cable. good luck!
That'd be very cool Icculus it might work for Sharp panels too. Even if it doesn't work for Sharp it will help some people with Infocus panels out.

Does anyone know where to get a 26 pin connector without buying in bulk? When I get a pinout I'm planning on taking a 15 pin to 15 pin vga cable cutting off one end and putting a 26 pin connector on the end.

this is what i came up with, keep in mind that i'm looking at the business end of the cable itself--not the panel.

panel end:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22-23 24 25 26

vga end--corresponding to panelend #'s:

9 18 x 24 24
21 22 20 x 24
24 25 2 1 x

note that 'x' shows no connection and that pins 22&23 on panel side are connected.

hope this helps!

I have no idea where to buy this connector. my plan is to replace the plug on the panel with a normal vga connector, or a Db15.

p.s. had the #s nicely arranged so it looked like the cable, but they got realigned after i submitted post
Thanks a lot Icculus I'm going to try and make a cable but before I do I have one quick question on the bottom row are the last two pins before the x 2 and then 1 or is it 21.

Hey suckerfish those projectors look ok. If you're not into modding your projector though I would look for a good metal halide OHP. I'm using an apollo AI-1000 and 600w halogen good with all the blinds closed or at night. I'm probably going to turn it on its side and install a 400w metal halide with a good reflector in it.
Thats what I though....
id mod it but I'm a complete lamer with that kind of stuff and in the would have blown everything up :p

What do you think about this model?

Solar Delux
OVERHEAD PROJECTOR (575W) / ELMO HP-A305 7300 Lumens
for 150$ us ... good price?

- that would do the job? in a semi lit room? (small table lamp on)

- how hot would it get?

keep me updated Mario... I really need that cable :)
I'm planning on making a cable with icculus's pinout soon and testing it on my sharp panel. I have found a place to buy the connector. It's called Fry's electronics for locations. They don't have it on there online store. The connector fits my panel like a glove. Now I just have to make the cable. Oh yah the male connectors are $2.49 a piece.
Icculus I think your pinout might be one pin off. After looking at a standard vga pinout.

I noticed that you had no blue video signal. I took the blue pin off a standard vga cable plugged it in. As I thought I got no blue colors on my monitor. Maybe your infocus panel doesn't need blue?? But could you please check the third pin on the vga connector for me. Thanks for all your trouble.
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