Panasonic portable DVD player - model DVD-LX9

I hope this is the right Forum for this post.
It seems there are two versions of the Panasonic DVD player, DVD-LX9 - this is implicit from the instruction manual where some of the instructions are specifically for Europe and some for Asia. I am looking for a possible tweak that will enable my European (?) version to emulate the Asian version.
The version for Asia allows for connection and viewing of video from a video camera. The selector switch on these machines has three positions - for DVD, SD and AUX. The same selector switch on my player has only two positions - DVD and SD. The same jack socketa are used on both machines for input and output of audio and video signals. I am thinking that the AUX IN function has been disabled in some way, possibly in the controlling software? Or maybe it is more fundamental - due to the difference in TV operating standards in Asia and Europe?
I would be gratefull for any advice / opinions etc. on whether it is or it is not possible for the AUX IN function to be switched ON on my (European) machine.
The instruction manual makes clear that only output from NTSC system cameras can be shown; although UK is on PAL, NTSC playback would not be an issue for me.