Pam8403 chip amp


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2009-02-11 12:58 am
Typing PAM8403 into google finds the following data sheet:

If you're going to build an amplifier using the PAM8403 IC, I recommend reading the data sheet.

You won't get twice the output power by using two speakers. If you want more output power, you have to use a more powerful amplifier. On the other hand if you want a higher sound pressure level, you can try to find a more efficient speaker. Some full-range speakers will produce 95 dB SPL at 1 W, for example. That's pretty loud, actually. Check the data sheets for the speakers and you'll see...

I bought some pam8403 amps and i want to make a small powered speakers. I'd like to know can i increase power of amps . I can use two 3w 4ohm speakers or one higher wattage speaker 4ohm

You can increase the power of PAM8403 if you use transformers on their outputs. This allows you to stack amps almost indefinitely - but you'll find you'll need to buffer the input. Not really a practical solution for higher power even though PAM8403 chips are dirt cheap. Go for something like TDA8932 or TPA3116/8 if you need substantially more power - they're cheap too and readily available on populated PCBs.