PAL & NTSC Composite Video Timings

PAL & NTSC Composite Video Timings


I am trying to find the electrical timing Video Standards for both NTSC & PAL video. A lot of stuff out there on the 'net for NTSC, not much for PAL and none of them seem to cover everything ! :xeye:

Please can someone confirm horizontal timings for composite video signals:

Total: PAL = 64uS NTSC = 63.5uS
Active Picture Region: PAL = 52uS, NTSC = 52.6uS
Horizontal Blanking Period: PAL = 12uS, NTSC = 10.9us, consisting of:
Front Porch: PAL = 1.5uS?, NTSC = 1.5uS
H Sync: PAL = NTSC = 4.7uS
Back Porch: PAL = 5.8uS?, NTSC = 4.7uS, Consisting of:
BreezeAway: PAL = 0.6uS? NTSC = 0.6uS
Colour Burst: PAL = 2.5uS? NTSC = 2.5uS