pairing up f120a's with the f200a's?

Well this would be quite the investment but I already own the f120a ENable off of Ebay a year or 2 ago. They sound wonderful. It took about 2 months to really hear them sing! There in some Fonkensteens that I built. Thank you Planet10! I did a rough build out of some funiture wood that I had laying around. So I plan on rebuilding them from Baltic Birch. These give an amazing amount of bass for such little speakers and I think once it build to specs that they will give even more since the ports are larger than 9.5mm.
What I was wondering is if I paired them up with f200a's (ENable) in another set of Fonkensteens if this would take care of the bottom end and most importantly keep the imaging that I love about these f120s and how they seem to disappear. Would getting an active crossover to tweek it out make sense? If so I've heard Behringer is a good brand but have no clue which one.
Happy Holidays:D
It seems a waste to use a set of F200As to fill in the bottom (below 80-120 Hz) of the F120. You can get much less expensive mid-basses that will do the job better. My gotos are CSS, but you may want to consider the Fostex bass drivers which are very good, and closer in detail to the F120A. For the price of a pair of F200 you could have 4 of the 8" FW208, get more, lower bass, and be able to run them push-push. These should be run active. Getting at least a bit of HP on the F120A should do good things for the mids.

Really glad to see someone is appreciating those F120AeN :)

Hi Dave! Sorry for my lack of knowing. What does CSS and HP mean? I read a little on the push-push setup and it looks very interesting. One of the forums had a sono tube but I would rather go with sealed encloser most likely unless it sounds that much better with the towering sono tube(looks very cool). Volume specs are the same as for a single woofer for sealed or ported?
Dave I was also wondering if doubling up 1/4" felt would be ok when I rebuild my Fonkensteens, maybe with hot glue or fabric glue.

Sorry for my lack of knowing

Only apologize for not asking when you don't know.

CSS = Creative Sound Solutions

HP = High Pass Filter


Doubling up the felt should work. I'd only spot glue it. If you get a chance to score some UltraTouch, we've been spoiled by it.

The ApexJr 8s do very well. Modeling doesn't show them going really low, but set next to the wall, or pushed into the corner, i find them very satidfying and match up well with my room gain. They are also much more extended than one would expect for a "subwoofer", a good thing when mating with any FR driver. It is certainly hard to beat them for bang for the buck,

Another candidate is the Silver FLute 8". I haven't personaly used this, but have 5" on hand, and will eventually, This is what Ed S uses in his bass Cube.

The Fostex woofers are very nice, but i'd put them on the far side of the value equation.



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