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Pair of Tannoy 1004 Crossovers from T185 Dorset speakers - for 2528 driver (10")

I've been parting out a pair of Tannoy T185 Dorset speakers I listened to for over 20 years. The tweeters finally faded out and the woofer surrounds began to sag, so I had to move on from them. I sold the drivers a while ago, but I've recently removed the crossovers to see what they look like. They're pretty cool, actually. They have three inductors: one air-core 0.2mH, one iron-core 0.8mH, and a tapped iron-core inductor labeled 0.8 - 1.5 - 2.5 for the Presence control. That's a pretty neat part to have for experimenters. The capacitors are WIMA MKP and the resistors look like good quality wirewounds (at least I think that's what they are).

The crossover networks are on stout PCBs, with the external plate with controls attached to the back side of the PCB. (photos attached)

My speaker building adventures have been extremely ill-fated, so I'm giving up and getting rid of all the stuff I've accumulated over the decades, including these crossovers.

I have the crossovers up on the 'Bay' right now, but shoot me a PM and we can talk. I'm in the eastern USA, will ship. Buyer pays shipping. Bear in mind that shipping may be expensive to Europe, UK, Asia, Australia/NZ, South America, etc.


I still have the cabinets and the 10" passive radiators, which I'll give away for free but recipient pays shipping. I don't think it's worth it to ship the cabinets, however.
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