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Pair of Peerless P830549 NOS Passive Radiator

I have a brand new pair of P830549 Peerless XLS 12' passive radiators that I purchased to make a pair of subwoofers.

I have been unable to find a pair of matching Peerless 830500 XLS 12"woofers. I had previously built three such sealed subwoofers and use one every day for my home theater system.

These are for sale to someone who can give them a good home. Make on offer!

-david BTW

P.S. I built the original design based upon a Peerless application note but tweaked by George Short of North Creek Music as the Thunder Product.


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Hello madam.

Yes you are correct about the weighted passive radiators. I couldn't get but one 830547, which I purchased from George. I built three Thunders one with the passive radiator and Georges power amp, the other two with the 830549s. I carefully weighted both of them and added weights to the 549s until they matched the 547.

Then I planned to build some more and that is where the two passives for swap/sale came from. The ones for sale are NOS without modifications However everyone sold out of the main drivers before I could get them.

Yes I do have a .pdf of the Thunder plans. Please PM me.

-david BTW
Hello madam.

I carefully weighted both of them and added weights to the 549s until they matched the 547.

-david BTW

How is it possible to reduce the Mms of the 549s to get the 830547 300g Mms?

They add the extra mass with the bolt + washers in the factory as well?

Will send you a PM, if I need the construction plans, at the moment I do not know if I build the PR or the vented version.
Limited budget these days, and don't know the AUDIABLE difference between the two.

Anyway, THX for the offer.