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Pair of My_Ref FE pcbs with smd components Rev 1.72

SOLD - Pair of My_Ref FE pcbs with smd components Rev 1.72


For sale 2 pcs of My_Ref FE pcbs with smd components already installed by Dario (Clave Freemen).
They should be one of the last version, they are Rev 1.72, below you can see front and rear pictures.

I bought them directly from Dario more than a year ago, and never was able to even start the project, so now I hope to find someone that can happily conclude it!

Price is 60€ shipping costs included for Italy (my country). No problem for international shipping, I have to ask for the price and then we settle for a total.

You can check the pictures at 20191003-083649 — imgbb.com and 20191003-083703 — imgbb.com .
(sorry, I can't find a way to show them properly here:()
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Here you go! :)


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