Pair of Morel SCW 636 midbass drivers

Hey Guys, A while back I bought a pair of used speakers that had Morel supreme carbon scw 636 mid bass drivers (the ones with the aluminum voice coil formers) . One of the drivers was bad so when I looked into replacing it I got a deal on a new pair so I bought both. After I installed them I heard a buzzing at certain frequencies in one of the drivers. when I inspected it they seemed not to be glued properly in one small section. I contacted Morel they sent me a replacement but did not want the driver back.

So I have one good driver and one driver that needs to be re-reglued. I thought I would pop in here before discarding these if someone could re-glue the surround to the cone they could have them for shipping cost.

Thanks! Dwayne (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Hi, There is nothing really to see, they seem to be glued properly but only at certain frequencies I could here a slight buzzing and I would put my finger on that spot it stopped. I'm not a diy'er and don't want to fix them and try to sell them, I just thought it seemed a waste to discard them if someone could use them.
My Shipping address is : 1472 Cathedral Lane, Apt#1000
Halifax, NS, Canada.
B3H 4K8

Check the shipping price to your address and if interested if you send me a shipping label I would send them out.


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