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Pair of empty Tannoy T185 Dorset cabinets - Free for pickup or if you pay for shipping

FREE (giving them away)

I have a pair of empty Tannoy T185 Dorset cabinets. I'll give them away for free to anyone who wants them.

The cabs have mounting holes for two 10" drivers each, one 10" dual-concentric driver and one 10" passive radiator. They were not recessed/flush-mounted, they were front-mounted flat on the baffles. Easy to modify.

The cabs have walnut veneer, are in very good condition (vintage early 1980s).
The grilles are in good condition too, but the brown fabric has some wear. The frames are fine, no dents, cracks, etc. The grille cloth is rough, but presentable. They could certainly be covered with new grille cloth, if you're looking to do something like that.

I'm in SE NY State (USA). Free for local pickup. If you want shipping, it will be expensive because they're large, so that would mean two large cartons.
PM me if interested. Thanks.