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pair of Dayton Reference RS180S-8

RS180S woofers


Had a couple questions on these woofers.

Have these woofers been mounted before?
Any blemishes that would distinguish them from new?
Normally I wouldn't care so much about the appearance, but they are to be used in a project that will be a gift.

Will they be shipped in the original shipping boxes?
What would shipping cost be to Fort Worth, TX 76107


I will sell these outright for $30 each plus shipping.
Hi Steve ,
These are not new in the box. They have been mounted but there is no damage . They are cosmetically and mechanically excellent.
I do not have the original boxes but they will be well packaged. I have another tread on here where I sold a few other pairs of these . If you are concerned about the condition you may contact the buyer from that thread.
Shipping via Fedex looks to be $20.